What are the present alternatives?

All of the alternatives shown here are expensive to use, are few and far between and costly to build and maintain.

In almost all cases the vessels have to travel hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of miles to get to them, losing valuable working time and fuel.

Tugdock Vs Drydock


TUGDOCK Vs Floating Drydock


TUGDOCK Vs Syncrolift


TUGDOCK Vs Slipway


TUGDOCK Vs Travel Hoist


TUGDOCK is a low cost, highly flexible drydocking solution which has none of the above problems.

Cost benefits of TUGDOCK

What advantage does TUGDOCK have over existing sea water ballasted floating drydocks?

• is less than half the weight

• is half the cost

• is ISO shipping container transportable

no electrical systems as it operates by air compressor alone

• is easily expandable to give a greater deck width or length or both

increase lift capacity by simply adding more air bags

• no siltation, confined tank entry, pump maintenance or other water ballast issues

• has interchangeable decks to accept a variety of different point load requirements e.g. from foot traffic to a heavy cranage

• has a longer and far less costly design life due to dramatically less maintenance requirements

air bags can be hired or purchased locally wherever needed through our partnership with the world’s largest buoyancy bag hire company, Unique Seaflex

• is far simpler to use than existing dry docks

TUGDOCK design codes

TUGDOCK has been designed to DNV/GL Rules for floating drydocks

Classification compliant with intact stability codes for drydocks and structures:
• DNV-OS-H101

TUGDOCK CAD drawings