Tugdock is taking part in an important project for the Port of Milford Haven to help steer the development of floating offshore wind turbine assembly at its Pembroke Port facility in Wales.

The project is a three-way collaboration between Tugdock, the Port of Milford Haven (which owns and operates Pembroke Port), and Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult’s Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE).

The project has successfully simulated the processes of Tugdock manoeuvring large floating wind turbines into, and out from, Pembroke Port. These simulations have yielded vital information that will help guide the investment and development strategy for Pembroke Port. In a later stage of the project, additional simulations will take place to assess how Tugdock’s floating dry dock technology could be used to increase capability in these processes. Tam Bardell, Energy Development Manager at the Port of Milford Haven, said:

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“The development of floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea is a once in a generation opportunity for our region. We are delighted to partner with Tugdock in this project, which can help ensure that our Port reaches its full potential in servicing this new industry.”