Gazelle Wind Power And Tugdock Work Together to Reduce Cost of Floating Offshore Wind Platform

Gazelle Wind Power, developers of a next-generation floating offshore wind platform, and Tugdock, developers of the world’s first road-transportable floating dry dock, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to co-develop a modular offshore wind assembly system.
Jon Salazar, CEO of Gazelle Wind Power, commented, “Working with Tugdock, we have the ideal way to assemble our modular platform, using minimal port space. While the Gazelle platform possesses a naturally low draft, there are significant benefits to assembling the modules on the Tugdock submersible platform, which doubles as the assembly fixture and launch method, speeding up platform assembly and getting our platform into the water in a safe, and cost-effective way. This partnership is driving the production rates up and costs down.”
The first project for the new partnership will be Italy’s largest offshore wind farm, the Molise Offshore Wind Farm project in the Adriatic Sea, where the combined technologies will help install 70 turbines.
Shane Carr, CEO of Tugdock, said,

“This pioneering partnership combines the advantages of two innovative modular technologies that complement each other perfectly.”

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