Tugdock can be customised to suit many types of vessel

There are several variations of structure. Either easily dismantlable or as a permanently welded structure. The shape of buoyancy bag can also be changed and increased in size to suit particularly heavy lifts.

Many types of vessel can be lifted using variations of the Tugdock principle.

The size and structure of the Tugdock can be altered in all directions to suit the vessel or floating structure to be lifted.

If extremely heavy lifts are required the gaps between the main lift bags can be filled (grey) to double lift capacity.

The decks can be altered to suit the load capacity requirements and be in either steel, Aluminium, fibreglass grate etc.

If box section decks are used in steel or aluminium the hollow sections can double as air manifold ducting.

Using the decks in this way means only short lengths of rubber air hose are required to each bag.

Decks can be sealed with drains leading to sumps to pump contaminated water ashore during vessel wash downs.

Spud and jack up legs are available as optional extras.

Further development of the Tugdock will see cranes also available as optional extras.

The Tugdock can also be adapted for use as a floating hospitality suite or as floating stages etc.

We are working with companies across the globe to deliver Tugdock. There are many variations of projects and we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Please get in touch to see how we can help.