Calm sea

TUGDOCK is a Patented Modular Floating Dry Dock capable of lifting any vessel or floating structure from 50 to 2,000 tonnes clear of the water at a fraction of the cost of standard floating dry docks.

The Tugdock is road transportable in standard shipping containers and can be assembled on site to a deck size that suits the vessel to be lifted

The lifting force is created using individually controlled buoyancy bags tethered within an open steel space frame structure and is designed and built to DNV/GL rules for floating dry docks.

There are currently five main ways of lifting boats and floating structures clear of the water, but each have their own problems…

All of these current methods (Fixed Dry Dock, Floating Dry Dock, Syncrolift, Slipway, Travel Hoist) are expensive to use, are few and far between and costly to build and maintain. In almost all cases the work vessels have to travel hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of miles to get to them, losing valuable working time.

We have invented a new way of lifting vessels of up to 2,000 tonnes that has none of these problems, and can be transported worldwide directly to the vessel in shipping containers. It’s called TUGDOCK.

Introducing Tugdock

Tugdock uses air bags tethered inside a spaceframe structure to lift your vessel clear of the water. It is modular so can be assembled to the width and length of the vessel to be lifted.