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A game changer for the floating offshore wind industry

Tugdock is the world’s first road transportable floating dry dock. It offers a cost-effective solution for developers and ports in the floating offshore wind industry.

The floating offshore wind sector is growing fast around the globe. However, very few of the world’s ports have sufficient water depth and assembly space to build the huge floating substructures required, whilst conventional dry docks are not wide enough, as they were originally designed for ships.

Tugdock’s patented marine buoyancy bag technology meets this challenge. It allows floating dry docks to be delivered by road in modular form and assembled at the port to dimensions far wider than most of the world’s existing dry docks.

Tugdock Submersible Platform (TSP) shown during towage simulation trails.
Tugdock Submersible Platform (TSP) shown during towage simulation trails.

Our submersible platforms can operate in as little as 5 metres draft, enabling a more efficient construction. The platform is then towed to deeper water for launching of the turbines.

Our platform is modular, easy to erect, and reusable. Tugdock technology also has a large lifting capacity using our patented air lift bag design.

This is why Tugdock is now attracting significant interest from developers and ports at the forefront of floating offshore wind development.

The novel floating solution can also be used to lift marine structures for other uses.

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Tugdock Submersible Platforms (TSPs) shown during loadout of turbine floater.